Video & Phone Interpreting FAQ's

What is the TransFluenciEDU Video Remote Interpreting course?

The course is open to interpreters of all language and teaches the student how to work as an interpreter by video or phone.

What does the course cover?

The course teaches the student how to set up their home offices and computers to work remotely, and where and how to apply for work. The course covers the medical and legal standards of practice, ethics, HIPAA and intense practice sessions and simulations using a variety of platforms on a wide variety of topics such as medical encounters, depositions, unemployment hearings, educational hearings and meetings such as due process hearings and IEP meetings for school districts.

Who should take the Video Remote and Over-the-Phone interpreting course?

Interpreters of any language who would like to make their own hours and work remotely from home.

What is the employment outlook for VRI and OPI interpreters?

The employment outlook is excellent at this time due to the pandemic. Employers all over the country are struggling to meet the demand for remote interpreters.

Where are VRI and OPI interpreters typically employed?

VRI and OPI interpreters are employed by interpreting and translation agencies nationwide and/or worldwide. Students will be provided with an extensive list of possible employers.

Where is the course offered?

The course is offered in partnership with community colleges in Massachusetts and Connecticut. See our Educational Partners page for a community college near you.

When is it offered?

The course is offered in the spring, summer and fall. Check our Educational Partners page for exact schedule.

What is the cost?

The cost of the course is $599.00. The price includes all materials.

How long is the course?

This is a 30-hour course and runs for 10 weeks.

When will I receive the certificate?

Upon successful completion of the course, the community college will mail your certificate of completion to you.

Who teaches the course?

Instructors for the course are experienced VRI and OPI interpreters who have been working in the field for many years and have experience training new interpreters.

How do you register for the course?

You can contact the community college where you want to take the course. See our Educational Partners page. Many colleges offer online registration. A telephone interview will be required prior to acceptance into the course.